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About myworkandme

What is myworkandme?

Myworkandme is a portal site for employees. You can start one or more applications on the site when you are logged in to myworkandme. Your employer needs to be a client of SD Worx in order to have access to myworkandme. Your employer will also determine what applications you can work with.

Who is SD Worx?

SD Worx supports employers with an extensive range of services and products aimed at employing personnel. SD Worx mainly has contact directly with the employer.

SD Worx offers a complete service in the fields of Payroll, HR and Tax & Legal in 27 European countries. Almost 2,050 employees serve more than 50,000 clients in the private and public sectors, from SMEs to (very) large organisations. SD Worx carries out wage calculations and administration (payroll processing service provider), training, HR research, social-legal, fiscal and HR consultancy, specialised software for personnel services and support.

Go to for more information on the services to employers.

How can I access myworkandme?

Your employer will decide whether you get access to the employees’ portal myworkandme and which applications you can use. You will receive an activation mail for your profile as soon as an application is available. Click the link in this e-mail to activate your profile on myworkandme.

Will my details be saved safely on myworkandme?

The applications that you use via myworkandme are personal and often include confidential information or documents. Safety and privacy are top priorities for SD Worx. We therefore left nothing to chance and developed a very safe portal. Click here for more information on the security of myworkandme.